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Welcome! I am Eleni and I would like to help you build better relationships. I work with individuals and couples and I am here to assist whether you want to benefit from more personal awareness and growth or you need help adjusting to a major life transition.

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Eleni Economides, LMFT


I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist located in Rochester, NY and I graduated from the University of Rochester in 2007. During my training I offered therapy to individuals, couples and families at the family therapy center of Strong Hospital as well as the Women's Behavioral Health Center. I also worked both with short-term patients and long-term residents at Monroe Community Hospital. Since then I pursued additional training in couples therapy. Specifically, I obtained the Gottman Level 1 Certificate and completed a year long training on the Developmental Model for Couples Therapy at the Couples Institute. I have been training on the Crucible Approach for couples therapy since 2015 and I am currently completing the Sexual Health Certificate Program at the University of Michigan.


"And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."
-Anais Nin

Avoiding pain, uncertainty and discomfort is a driving force for all living beings. We would rather avoid what is unfamiliar, makes us feel uncomfortable or threatens our sense of calm. It's a survival mechanism. But how does that survival mechanism play out in our relationships with our significant others? Is it always helpful? Often times we decide to stay in an unpleasant situation because change brings uncertainty and that's scary. Entering therapy is not an easy decision to make because of that same fear of change but it certainly is a way to increase your tolerance for anxiety and discomfort, push your limits, and start enjoying a more intimate and authentic relationship with yourself and the people you love.


As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I use a systemic lense to view the world and I believe we are best understood in the context of our relationships with others rather than in isolation. I think there is great benefit in gaining insight about the past and how it might be affecting the way you relate to others in the present and make decisions for the future. That said, you can expect that I will ask you tough questions but I will be there with you all the way till you get the tough answers you need. I will help you fight your way to clarity and that sometimes might mean that you need to look into the mirror. And that's OK because you are more resilient and adaptable than you think and I will fight for you to see that. Until you stand strong on your own two feet and start living a more fulfilling life.


I provide individual and couples therapy. I use a variety of approaches and techniques to treatment depending on your needs. Therapy can be solution-focused and brief or more insight-oriented. I welcome all sexual orientations, religions, ethnicities and races.

Individual Therapy

The main reasons that lead people to therapy are anxiety, depression or some sort of grief. Oftentimes the shame and hopelessness that is associated with those feelings keep people from asking for help. I am here to help you learn practical techniques to manage your stress in relationships, at work or at school. I will help you understand where your anxiety and depression come from and how to free yourself from past anger, resentment and shame. I will help you get rid of constant worry, tension and fear and you will have more motivation and energy to stay focused on your goals.

Life Coaching

Coaching is for people that might need help with a specific issue in their life. It could be career, work or school related or it might have to do with parenting or resolving a conflict with a friend. Coaching is generally brief (but not always) and not as emotionally intense as therapy could be. Coaching can help you address worries that keep your mind preoccupied. Improving communication skills and increasing self esteem and confidence can be the focus as well.

Couples Therapy

The struggle to accommodate another person's needs as well as maintain one's sense of self eventually promotes growth. During this process though partners may start to feel controlled or unappreciated. As a result they start to disconnect, experience boredom and a general lack of sexual desire. This normal process is often misunderstood and If not addressed properly with the help of a professional who is informed about how to help it can lead to unnecessary separation and divorce.

Sex Therapy

Our sexuality is at the core of our being. It's a way we express ourselves, find connection, get release and create meaning. Oftentimes partners struggle to find that balance and access all their potential. Past sexual trauma can have a negative impact on the way people experience and express their sexuality. Disconnection and difficulty tolerating emotional intimacy can lead to a lack of sexual desire or sexual dysfunction. Health issues and medications can affect the way our body functions sexually and it might be necessary to get help from a knowledgeable provider that has resources and can make appropriate referrals.

Discernment Counseling

"People marry each other for profoundly important reasons, and no one should divorce until they deal with those things that caused them to marry and then want to divorce each other." - Carl Whitaker

Sometimes partners come to therapy because they don't know what to do with their relationship. Do they want to make it work or do they want to separate? They have tried for so long and they may feel discouraged, hopeless and disappointed. Going to therapy to explore what other ways there are to deal with what seems unsolvable can be crucial in making the final decision. Starting a new life with someone else that could make them happier certainly sounds appealing and a relief after what seems pointless but there are so many things to consider. The kids. The house. The car. The friends. The neighbors. The in-laws. Discernment counseling can help you feel more secure in your decision to stay or separate after having thought, discussed, and agreed on how life could look like if having to split or share all that.

Alternative Relationships Counseling

More and more people are becoming curious about non-traditional relationships and want to explore other forms of romantic or sexual expression. Open relationships have become especially popular amongst the younger generations and that necessitates better understanding around safety, boundaries, rules and expectations.

Learning to negotiate one's sexual needs, fears and desires is a skill. Discussing consensual non-monogamy and wanting to include other forms of sexual expression in one's sexual repertoire (e.g BDSM, Kink, Fetish play, etc) can enhance intimacy and deepen communication and respect between partners if done properly. I am here to help you openly discuss and explore your sexual needs and desires in a way that will facilitate intimacy and connection between you and your partner.

LGBTQ Counseling

Therapy with LGBTQ couples doesn't much differ from couples therapy with heterosexual couples. Stigma and being at a different stage of coming out though are factors that could act as stressors for LGBTQ partners.

At the individual level things might be a bit different. You might be feeling confused and anxious over your sexual orientation. You might be struggling with coming out and might feel lonely and isolated. You might be experiencing discrimination or might be struggling with homophobia (external or internalized). You might be having dysphoria around your gender identity and might be considering hormone replacement therapy or sex change so you can look more like how you feel inside.

Finding a knowledgeable and informed therapist can provide you with support and facilitate your transition to a more authentic life.

Fees & Policies


  • Individual: $85 per 50 minutes
  • Couple/Family: $100 per 50 minutes

  • Note: Initial Couple/Family session is $140 and lasts 90 minutes

My practice is a fee-for-service practice and does not accept insurance. This allows clients to decide the frequency and length of treatment while maintaining their privacy. Sessions are by appointment only.

Accepted forms of payment are cash, check and credit cards. Payment is due at time of service.


Call, text or email me to schedule:
Phone: (585) 484-0638

Appointments must be canceled or changed at least 24 hours in advance. If a client fails to show or cancel an appointment in the allotted time they will be billed for the full session.

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My office is conveniently located in Panorama Valley Office Park at 625 Panorama Trail Building #1, Suite 107.

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The best way to start a therapist/client relationship is to talk. I offer a free initial consultation over the phone so we can determine what your needs and goals are, and if I'm the right therapist for you. Call or text me at tel: (585) 484-0638 or email elenieconomides.lmft@gmail.com and let me know the best time to call you back.


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